Richard Carrier asks: “What Do Ron Lindsay and an Oklahoma Tornado Have in Common?”

Richard “Dick” Carrier, glorious defender of rationality to his many fans all over the world (this is basically what he says about himself – take a look at the description box on his blog), excreted an article headlined with this awful question not too long ago. In it he describes his feelings of reading the responses to a speech given by Ron Lindsay at a “Women In Secularism” conference:

And over the same weekend at the Women in Secularism conference in Washington, DC (where a zillion feminists actually were…evidently your god’s aim sucks, Pat), the president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry, Ron Lindsay (the sole male speaker), opened the conference by complaining about a campaign to ask men to listen to women before complaining about women, by telling women to stop telling men to listen to women before complaining about women…at a conference for women, funded by hundreds of women (since attendees forked over the registration fees, they actually paid for the conference). And then he acted like a stock sexist man and hysterically defamed the woman who criticized him for this rather than responding to her actual (calmly presented) arguments. Thus becoming the poster boy for a man who doesn’t listen.

First of all it becomes quite evident that he hasn’t listened to (or read the transcript of) the speech himself. If that was the case, a regular human being with high school level reading comprehension couldn’t have gotten away with that kind of message. But given pasts offences, one shouldn’t be too surprised. Some things are to be considered here. As is often the case when FTB bloggers pull out their massive thesauruses and handbooks of literary devices and smart metaphors, one of the to things being compared is so different from the other that any attempt to compare them fails:

  • People at the conference didn’t die. As Carrier himself concedes, Ron Lindsay didn’t kill anyone. At worst, he hurt some feelings of people who think their personal experiences trump everything else. Tough feces.
  • People in Oklahoma are dead. A non-sexist Tornado killed them. They have been buried alive, not even a week ago. This is, at least, tragic.
  • To elevate a speech given at a relatively unimportant conference and resulting hurt feelings to such a level, and to use them in one breath with a storm that killed people (as a half-sentient, quarter-witty rhetorical device to boot), is asshattery.

TL;DR: They don’t have anything in common. They aren’t even comparable. Dick’s question is stupid.

The rest of his article isn’t that interesting. It’s mostly the squeaky whining of someone who doesn’t get why his opinion about Atheism+ is wrong, and tragically thinks that everyone else is totally wrong instead.

In conclusion: Richard Carrier behaves like a rancid piece of garbage with no sense of proportion that is even fuller of it than his shitty literary output. Oh, and someone who can’t even come up with good metaphors or a cool Nazi comparison^H^H^H^H^H^H^ H^H^H^H^H ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H parallel logic. It’s more desirable to be a C.H.U.D. to be in any way like him.  Another  FTB dudebro who is being given too much compliment in the form of attention.

At least his funny Atheism+ video has been properly downvoted by people who are both less full of themselves and perhaps even also more capable of thinking rationally.

PS: Dick uses ‘hysterically’ in his post. People have been fucked over for less in the latest developments in the atheist/skeptic/secularist non-community.

PPS: Richard Carrier is a human being. Human beings make mistakes. But being a human being is fully compatible with being an asshole, too. To him his detractors are merely ‘humanoid’ nowadays.